How To Apply

*The submission period for this program is now closed*

Tree Canada staff will review the Edible Trees applications and make recommendations for funding support according to the established criteria.

  • Proposed project: Demonstrated understanding of the purpose of the program and in designing a creative program that promotes innovative practice.
  • Community Engagement: Demonstrated ability to involve the community, other not-for-profit organizations and volunteers.
  • Technical Expertise: Demonstrated capacity that the expertise is present or can be sought to guide the applicants in its efforts. Grant recipients may be encouraged to use a portion of their funding to include an educational component.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Demonstrated commitment to maintenance and description of the role of community members, staff, and volunteers.
  • Promotion: A commitment to publicize the Program, including program partners, Tree Canada and Funders, in a variety of ways that may include a launch event, press release and reaching out to local print media.
  • Evaluation: That a system is in place at the community level to evaluate the success of the program 3 years into the future.