How to green your school ground

Step 1 - Spread the News

Tell everyone about your idea of greening the school ground and invite students, parents, teachers and the neighbourhood to help make your school ground green.

Step 2 - Set-Up a Greening School Grounds Group

These will be the program managers, the movers and shakers who will sustain the efforts of the students and community in making the school ground transform into an environmentally friendly place.

Step 3 - Survey the Grounds

Look at and record the physical features on the property. Acquire a site plan of the property from either the school board or the school archives.

Step 4 - Identify Your School's Needs

What do you want to achieve? What do the students want? Identify any constraints or changes needed to meet your objectives.

Step 5 - Create a Concept

Prepare a landscape plan with the students and teachers to ensure that the results are a team effort and everyone learns from the process.

Step 6 - Break your Landscape Plan into Projects or Steps

Decide where to begin. Start small and each accomplishment will be a reward for everyone.

Step 7 - Action Plan - Let's Do It!

Prepare an action plan including timelines and responsibilities and start planting. Do not forget to recognize your sponsors.

Step 8 - Measure the Difference

Make sure you record the process and spread the news of your success!

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