Certification & Tiers

Want Tree Canada to recognize you as  "carbon neutral?” 

Whether you’re a non-profit organization, small business or company, We will work with you to achieve Carbon Neutral Status and promote your sustainable business practice through the offsetting all of your carbon emissions.  We facilitate an independent carbon assessment of your annual emissions, and provide you with a Carbon Neutral Organization certificate following the purchase of equal carbon offsets from tree planting.

 Steps Towards Carbon Neutral Status


Step 1: Estimating emissions

The first step in becoming carbon neutral is to get in touch with Tree Canada. We will learn about your business or event and facilitate an independent carbon assessment which may cost between $500 - $1,500 depending on the complexity. This assessment involves accounting for all direct and indirect emissions by including additional emissions not built-in to the Carbon Calculator (e.g. paper usage, waste disposal, and outsourced activities). You will receive a report identifying the sources of your greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of carbon offsets needed for carbon neutral certification.  This will help you reduce your carbon footprint in the future.

Step 2: Planting Trees 

Tree Canada will Identify the number of trees needed to offset your emissions. We determine which species of trees are best to plant using multiple factors such as soil quality, local climate and scientific researches on the growth and yields of the species in question. 

Tree Canada (in close collaboration with its contractors) takes care of site selection, site preparation, the ordering and the planting of the trees, the intensive maintenance associated with these trees until they are free-to-grow and the monitoring throughout the length of the project.

Step 3: Certification

Certification occurs following the purchase of tree  by your organization.  Your organization will receive a carbon neutral logo, full report detailing the species, location and environmental benefits.

About Grow Clean Air Tiers

The Grow Clean Air program is for everyone. We encourage large multinational corporations, local businesses and individuals to contribute based on their needs and abilities and make a difference for our climate. Grow Clean Air is comprised of 4 tiers:


Tier 1: Individuals

Ideal for individuals, schools and small businesses looking for a quick and simple way to offset carbon emissions. Input your direct emissions (e.g. vehicle emissions) and indirect emissions (e.g. electricity) into Tree Canada’s Carbon Calculator and it will provide you with the approximate number of trees needed to offset your carbon emissions.

Tier 2: Companies, Organizations and Events

Companies, organizations and event coordinators  can contact Tree Canada directly and take advantage of pre-season planting orders at lower cost. We will work with your timing and reporting needs  to ensure your offsetting needs are affordable and delivered on time. We work with you to estimate the approximate number of trees needed to offset your carbon emissions.Click here to contact us.

Tier 3: Custom Project with Tree Canada Protocol

Companies that come to Tree Canada with sustainability or emissions reduction target can have custom planting locations. Tree Canada’s Carbon Protocol allows for proponents to develop and monitor projects according to best practices. This works to achieve specific to tree planting for carbon offset needs. Tree Canada will provide a Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment Report and will plant trees according to Tree Canada’s Carbon Protocol. Under this protocol, Tree Canada offers long-term monitoring, verification, and maintenance of the trees planted. Click here to contact us.

Tier 4:  Other Protocols

Companies with specific carbon offset requirements can work with Tree Canada to develop a plan to meet their offset needs, including the use of other carbon protocols. Tree Canada offers third party validation and verification, registration of carbon credits in a registry, and long-term site monitoring and maintenance. Companies can contact Tree Canada directly to formulate an emissions offset plan. Click here to contact us.