Our Guarantee

Tree Canada strives to achieve the highest level of carbon offsetting standards. This requires providing Canadians with the highest quality carbon offsets that create real climate change impacts. We guarantee:

1 Trees are planted according to our Protocol.

2   Our planting sites are protected for 30 years.

3   We provide carbon offset certificates following third party audit.

About the Tree Canada Protocol

Tree Canada Carbon Protocol Covers 2015.jpgTree Canada’s Afforestation and Reforestation Protocol (Version 2.0) is a rigorous and scientifically-based standard for afforestation and reforestation projects. This standard is intended to provide guidance to Tree Canada in planning and developing projects, preparing its contractual arrangements with field contractors and project sponsors, monitoring the projects, and calculating the amount of offset credits that are generated. Companies wishing to offset their emissions using Tree Canada’s Carbon Protocol are eligible under Tier 3 of Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air program. Tree planting under the protocol provides companies with long-term monitoring, maintenance, and verification of the trees planted.

Global interest in carbon offset projects is increasing, with the subsequent demand for the validation and verification of trees planted by Tree Canada increasing as well. As part of this trend, individuals, event organizers, organizations and companies increasingly see value in Tree Canada being able to provide greater assurance of the GHG impact of its plantings. Comparisons of offset programs are continually being made by various institutes to assist customers seeking reliable ways to offset GHG emissions. In response to these customer and client demands, Tree Canada has sought to create a carbon standard to increase the rigour of the validation and verification of the carbon offsets created by its plantings.

Tree Canada Afforestation and Reforestation Protocol: Executive summary (PDF)