Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Canada, trees in general, etc.

Gallery of Events Photos

Photos of our 300+ yearly events, including grant recognition events, National Tree Day, Partners in Planting, etc.

Kids & Teachers

Useful resources and links for students and educators

Trees in Canada

A list of individual tree species, complete with information and photos.

Tree Killers

A list of plants, insects and diseases that trees are prone to, complete with information and photos.


A list of Tree Canada publications, such as brochures and reports, as well as other useful publications available for download.


A list of useful links to other reliable resources on trees and tree care.

The Benefits of Trees

A list of the many benefits of trees with references for further study.

Urban Tree Legends Revealed

Here we address the common myths and preconceptions surrounding trees


A collection of Tree Canada's Public Service Announcements, testimonials, anniversary videos, etc.

Speaking for the Trees

Instances when Tree Canada advocates for trees

Canada's Arboreal Emblems

An interactive version of our booklet, Canada's Arboreal Emblems (reprinted in 2014). You can find the booklet available on our Publications page.

Real vs Fake Christmas Trees