Kids & Teachers

Here are some resources to teach children about the benefits of trees and the materials and programs for teachers and schools to follow.

For Kids

Greening Canada's SchoolgroundsLogo_Greening_Canadas_School_Grounds.jpg
The Greening Canada's School Grounds program offers school & communities the opportunity to create simple, safe, sustainable and educational landscapes on their school grounds.

Canada's Arboreal Emblems

This bilingual booklet provides readers with a description of each provincial and territorial tree. It reflects the pride and attachment Canadians have toward Canada's forests.

Grow Clean Air Calculator
Wood is 50% carbon all of which comes from the air! Calculate how much carbon dioxide is produced by common emission sources and how many trees you need to plant (or help us plant) to offset those emissions.

Tree Trivia
Interesting facts about trees in your neighbourhood.

For Teachers and School boards

Trees in Canada 

Explore the trees that grow in Canada - what they look like, where they grow and why they are important to us.


Forests in Canada
Links to information on Canada's incredible forests courtesy of the Canadian Forest Service